Meet the staff

Mrs Pask

Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Pask is the Headteacher at Bingham Primary School. She has been in Primary Education for 20 years and during that time has taught in both KS1 and KS2. Mrs Pask has been a Deputy Headteacher and Acting Headteacher.
She wants all pupils to feel happy and safe at school and have a love for learning so that they leave Bingham Primary School ready for the next step in their education.

Miss Mitchell

Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Mitchell is one of the Assistant Headteachers here at Bingham Primary School. She is our school SENDCo and Safeguarding Lead and has over 10 years experience in supporting children and families to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Miss Mitchell is our Year 3/4 class teacher who creates a nurturing classroom that inspires the children to develop a love of learning.

Miss Mitchell is passionate about enriching learning through new experiences and ensuring lessons are fun and engaging. She particularly enjoys teaching Science.

Miss Hart

Assistant Headteacher & Curriculum Lead and Year 3/4 Class Teacher

Miss Hart is one of the Assistant Headteachers and the Curriculum Lead at Bingham Primary School. She has 12 years teaching experience, working mostly across Key Stage One. She completed a Masters Degree in Child Psychology before going on to train to teach.

Miss Hart is passionate about creating exciting, happy and engaging learning environments for the children to explore, and believes that children should be at the heart of everything we do.

Ms Leung

Administration Assistant and Midday Supervisor

Ms Leung is the Administration Assistant and one of the Midday Supervisors at Bingham Primary School. She has recently moved to the UK from Hong Kong.

Ms Leung worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years in Hong Kong.

Miss Hancock

Reception Class Teacher & EYFS Lead

Miss Hancock will be the Reception Class Teacher at Bingham Primary School from September 2023. She has been teaching in Early Years for four years and believes that the Foundation Stage should be fun, exciting and encourage a love of learning.

She is passionate about science and the outdoors and her classroom will be a nurturing environment where children feel happy, safe and able to ask lots of questions!

Miss Dewey

Reception Class TA

Miss Dewey has been teaching in the Early Years for over fifteen years. She believes that early years is the fundamental stage to get children engaged in learning, growing and becoming independent through fun and exciting, hand on experiences.

She is passionate about ensuring each and every child achieves their goals and most importantly the children have fun!

Ms Wells

Reception Class TA

Ms Wells is one of our Teachiing Assistants in Reception Class at Bingham Primary School. She has worked as a teacher in EYFS and KS1, but prior to this has over 15 years’ experience as a HLTA in a variety of different school-based settings.

Ms Wells is passionate about helping every child reach their full potential and become confident and happy learners. She believes that all children have the right to an excellent education, enriched with fun, memorable and inspiring lessons.

Miss Allenby

Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss Allenby is the Year 1 Class Teacher here at Bingham Primary School. With experience working across all key stages. Miss Allenby is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore, learn, and grow.

Miss Allenby has previously worked alongside children as a professional entertainer and believes in the importance of delivering a creative curriculum. She is passionate about integrating this into her teaching through engaging and interactive experiences that foster a love for learning within her class.

Mr Blankley-Woods

Year 2 Class Teacher

With 7 years’ experience of teaching Key Stage 1 in the Bradford area, Mr Blankley-Woods moved closer to his hometown. He is the Year 2 Class Teacher at Bingham Primary School.

Mr Blankley-Woods is passionate about inspiring children in an environment built upon enjoyment, respect and positivity. He believes in ensuring that children become independent and resilient life-long learners who can make a real difference within their communities.

Mrs Murphy

Year 3/4 Class Teacher

Mrs Murphy is a part-time Year 3/4 Teacher that has just joined Bingham Primary School, having recently relocated to the area. Prior to this she has taught across both KS1 and KS2 at a primary school in Birmingham where she gained over 15 years teaching experience, including holding various middle-leadership roles.

Having a Biological Sciences Degree, she is particularly passionate about the teaching of STEM subjects within school.

Mrs Murphy always strives to provide the very best education for the children within her care, that matches what she would desire for her own children. She is excited to have now joined the strong team at Bingham Primary School.

Mr Fisher

Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Mr Fisher will be joining the team at Bingham Primary School as the Year 5/6 Teacher in September 2023. He is excited to work with the children in upper Key Stage 2.

Mr Fisher is passionate about ensuring children are engaged and motivated to learn, to do this he works hard to make lessons interesting and fun, making sure to meet each learner’s individual needs. He also has a huge passion for sports and understands the importance of keeping children active.

Ms Archer

Teaching Assistant

Ms Archer is our Early Years and KS1 Teaching Assistant. She has been working in early years and education settings for 25 years and this has given her a really good understanding of children's development and learning.

Ms Archer is passionate about inclusion and speech, language and communication development. She holds lots of qualifications in this area including Makaton. She enjoys providing children with fun and interesting activities and adapting the curriculum so its available to all. She believes that giving good opportunities for speech, Language and communication skills impacts positively on all of the areas of learning.

Mrs Mays

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mays is the Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant at Bingham Primary School. She has worked in education for over 20 years - both as a Teacher and Teaching Assistant in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Mrs Mays believes that all children can succeed, regardless of the challenges they may face and that learning should be fun! She particularly enjoys sharing stories and books, developing a love of reading.

Mr Betts

Sport Apprentice/ TA

Mr Betts is the Sport Apprentice/Teaching Assistant at Bingham Primary School and Nursery. He is entering his first year in the education system and he is very excited to start his journey and shape the future generations.

He is passionate about getting people active and making sport fun for everyone!

Mr Marshall

Site Manager

Mr Marshall has enjoyed a 45 year long career in the Hotel industry both in the UK and overseas. In more recent years, he has worked as a Maintenance Manager in the Health Care profession.

Mr Marshall is delighted to join the team at Bingham.

Miss Chan

Midday Supervisor

Miss Chan is one of the Midday Supervisors at Bingham Primary School. She was an Administrative Officer with 15 years of experience working alongside the public sector in Hong Kong.

Miss Chan loves children and is very excited to be supporting the pupils at Bingham Primary School.

Ms Chung

Midday Supervisor

Ms Chung is one of the Midday Supervisors at Bingham Primary School. Ms Chung was a nurse in Hong Kong in a 24-hour Outpatient Department for 18 years, she loves to work as a team, as a family with caring and love.

Miss Singleton

Midday Supervisor

Miss Singleton is one of the Midday Supervisors at Bingham Primary School.
She loves nothing more than helping others and is really looking forward to brightening
up our pupils lunchtimes.
Miss Singleton has always been in the retail sector mainly has a Manager and is passionate about
voluntary services.